Monday, December 1, 2014

H-13 Farm Fields

Don't let the simplicity of this block fool you. I did it wrong the first time for both quilts by cutting the square a bit too small.

The DJ software says to cut the focus fabric 5" square. I recommend cutting it 5 1/4" or even 5 1/2".
Brenda says to "make it big and whack it off."
Cut the square diagonally both ways to  look like this.

Using the pattern in the book, measure the width of the white stripes and add 1/4" on both sides for seam allowances.
I used the 1" pre-cut strips for this.

Cut 2 shorter strips 3 1/2 long.
Sew together to opposite triangles.
Press to the dark.
Cut a longer strip 7".

Sew to one triangle than the other.
Press to the dark.
Trim to a 5" square.


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