Friday, December 12, 2014

E-1 Aunt Exie's Phox

After much deliberation and procrastination, I finally decided to machine applique the melons with a simple straight stitch in matching thread.  I traced the melon shape onto the floriani making sure it was a tad smaller so it would fit into the block corners. I turned the seam allowance under and glued it with the purple Elmer's.
This next step I found on a blog somewhere last year and thought it ingenious. Using a matching coloured thread, I took a tiny stitch through each of the inside melon points in the exact order I wanted them to lie in the center of the block. I am using the same coloured thread as the piece I am stitching down so it is already in place and ready to stitch away.

Pulled the threads together, but not too tight.

Then arranged them neatly in the center. The white thread did not show up in the fabric so I used a black background.

Now the melons are centered on the 5" square and glue basted in place after centering. I initially hand appliqued this block but found it a bit stressful pushing the needle through the fabric. SO, I decided to machine applique after all in matching thread. The square above is the correct colour. 

I am still not too sure about the wash-away effect promised with this floriani stuff. It feels a bit stiff right now, but I am committed.


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