Thursday, December 4, 2014

G-5 Poof

This block is the same technique as the previous one H-13 with the exception that the white strips through the center finish at 3/8".

Believe it or not, I did this one wrong the first time also.

Cut the  coloured square 5 1/2"
then cut diagonally both ways.
Cut the cross strips 7/8" wide.
Cut 2 cross strips 3 1/2" long.
Cut 1 cross strip 7" long.

Sew together as shown.
I pressed to the dark. There is not enough room inside the back of the cross strip for both seams.

This quilt is a perfect place to try a lot of new techniques because each block is small and different. The sky is the limit for trying new things. 

For this block, I traced the center design onto wash-away fusable web. I ironed the cut-out to the back of the background fabric and cut out leaving a scant 1/4" seam allowance.
Cut to the point at those 4 inny curves. 
Then centering the patch onto the prepared block, I glue basted it in place. You can see that the center X shows through the patch on top even with the fusable web. I think I might have to trim away the backing in the center.

I needle turned the edges under using my favourite #10 milliners needle.

Interesting how lighting can make such a difference in how the colour shows. I took these pictures at 3 different times this past month.
The background fabric is a Kona white that I got as a pre-cut from Craftsy. Even with the white wash-away fusable inside, you can see right through it, although it is not a really thin fabric.

So, what I have decided, now after stitching a few of these by hand, is that I will be doing them by machine applique. I prefer the needle gliding through the fabric and not being pushed through. That is a bit stressful on my hands.


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