Wednesday, November 12, 2014

K-2 Grampa's Chickens

The DJ software gives directions to cut 18 patches focus fabric (ff)
1 1/8"  x 1 1/8". 
(wish my computer did the fractions properly)

Cut focus fabric 25" x 1 1/8", or
I cut 2 strips that were 9. 5" x 1 1/8"
and 1 that was 6" x 1 1/8".
I am using fat 1/8ths and they are 9.5" wide.

I like to cut the strips along the straight of grain and not the cross grain since the cross grain will stretch when the long strips are sewn together.

Sew together and press to the dark.
Now cut 1 1/8".
There should be 18 total.
Now it is really really important to have the same pair on the top when sewing together or they will not line up at the end.
I started with white on top and blue below.

All sewn together it looks like this.
When will I learn to shut off the steam on the iron?
That wavy side is a result of steam stretching the edge.
Since I sewed the first seam on the straight of grain. all those outside edges are cross grain and stretch easily. 

Sew 1" coping strips around the outside log cabin style and then trim to


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