Thursday, November 13, 2014

C-12 Family Reunion

One of the joys of blogging is formatting. I cannot figure out some days how to get the formatting the way I want it. But this works for now.     C-12 uses the same  construction technique as J-7. The DJ software says to cut 25  one inch patches of focus fabric and 20 one inch patches of background. Then cut 4 background squares that are 2 inches square.       

I cut long strips like this that were
1 inch wide. 
Lay out one set of strips with the background in the center and another with 2 background on the outside like this.
Sew together and press to the dark.

I was working on 4 blocks at a time the other day and did not take as many pictures as I could have.

Cut 1 inch strips of each of the above and lay out like this to make the 9-patch units. Sew together.

This block is a tiny double 9-patch. 


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