Friday, November 14, 2014

J-6 Granny Weaver

This block uses a combination of techniques that have already been used in M-12 and J-7.

Cut 1 strip focus fabric 9.5 x 1 inch.
Cut 2 strips background 9.5 x 1 inch.
Sew together.

I cut these into 4 squares that are 2 inches square.
Then cut 1 piece that is 1 inch wide.
This last piece is for the center 9-patch.

At the far right are 2 units that I made by cutting 2 red strips 1" x 2"
and 1 white strip 1" x 2"
sewn together then cut into half.
I laid out the small bits to make a tiny 9-patch.
These measure 2" x 2" for the center of the block.
I cut 4 red squares 2" x 2" for the corners.

I laid out all the squares like this
then sewed them together and pressed.
And this is what I got.


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