Thursday, May 4, 2017

RSC Colour for May is Green

Yay! The RSC colour this month is Green. 
I took some time at the end of March to plan ahead
 by printing off a lot of foundation patterns from the DJ software 
and choosing colours for a lot of the blocks.

 I am ready to make a few blocks this month. 
 I am using each colour at least twice and some
 of the prints are repeated in the different colours. 
I do not want the same designs side by side.

There will be 20 green blocks and I have 5 almost completed so far.
 So I have one fourth of the blocks done so far on May the fourth no less. 

 None of them are too outrageous 
so we shall see how it goes for the month. 
Stay tuned. 



  1. That is a fantastic way to keep up with RSC17 and make a Dear Jane quilt - great job keeping on top of both! Thank you so much for sharing at Midweek Makers

  2. Your color scheme is similar to my dear Jane...white sms bright.

  3. These are such fun blocks, what size are they?