Friday, May 22, 2015

D-13 Field of Dreams

I have been trying to upload these photos all week and now here we are.
I figure if I am ever going to get any work done on this DJ@ then I should start with just 1 block.

This one is easily done by foundation piecing or just measure the finished pieces and add 1/4 inch all around.

So, I cut out the square and added  1/4 all the way around.

I ironed the triangles to the fabric and cut 1/4 inch all around.
Not too smart. I should have added extra around the outsides of the triangles. This is a good tip for all the foundation piecing that will be coming.
This way, when the block is all stitched together, there will be something to square it up in case you sewed it too small, which happens a lot with foundation piecing.

Next, I laid out all the pieces in the correct arrangement.

I had used freezer paper for this the first time around. Back then I did not have any idea what I was doing, so started photocopying all the patterns until I ran out of freezer paper. Dah!

Anyway, I still had the freezer paper templates so used them again. Much simpler than foundation piecing and then not having to tear out all the papers.

 Stitched on the opposites sides then pressing the top to set the seam before pressing to the blue.

After this, I stitched on the remaining 2 triangles and pressed.

It really was simple and fortunately,
It measure the exact 5 inches.



  1. Love this fabric. I have this design in several colors.

  2. I bought several fat 1/8th of every colour for a total of 64 different brights from's online store