Friday, April 27, 2018

Bright Jane Came Out To Play

April was Yellow/gold month for Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

For the life of me, 
I do not see how I could mess this one up. But I did. 
But it is done now. 

J-4  Adeline's Apron Strings

This one still needs 2 triangles appliqued on 
but that will happen another day. 

H-2  Jacob Anthony

This one was so straight forward and came together perfectly 
I sewed on the last white border using too wide a seam allowance. 
But it is done now 
so I will stop complaining.

L-6  Maze of Madness

I took these along to Shipshewana for the retreat a couple of weeks ago. Everyone needs to go there at least once. 



  1. Some of the Dear Jane blocks look deceptively simple but they are still easy to mess up. I think on H2 I added small circles instead of the triangles. For me circles are easier.

  2. Beautiful blocks, they all look great

  3. They do say that finished is better than perfect. Anything that still bothers you when all of the blocks are made can be fixed. I'm guessing that nothing will be bothering you then though, that is the beauty of moving on to what is next. Your yellow blocks look great to me!

  4. Gorgeous yellow blocks! I especially like the Maze block.

  5. While it looks simple enough, Adeline's Apron Strings is a tricky block! It's not easy to get the pieces aligned properly on-point. Nice work on sewing up your YELLOW scraps!! How lucky you were to enjoy a couple of retreat days, too.

  6. I love your yellow block and I think they look beautiful.