Monday, June 27, 2016

Applique Blocks

I was learning to use Karen K Buckley`s perfect circles for my 1857
sampler quilt and made few for here as well. I machine appliqued them using a white cotton thread. 

B-1 Bachelor Buttons

 I used a wash away fusable for the tear drops. Above you can see the background fabric through the white, but below you cannot.

C-9  Jane`s Tears
I used the fusable for the leaves but not the circles.

F-13  Tour de France

 I was at the Just Takes 2 retreat in Shipshewana back in November and Brenda Papadakis, Dear Jane herself, showed me what I was doing wrong with the back basting technique. I was not using a fat needle to do the basting. With a fat needle, I am using a tapestry 8, the holes in the background fabric become the stitching guidelines. I have used this technique a lot since then and love it. However, it is not so easy to make all sides exactly the same. Hmm. Need more practice.

G-3  Four Leaf Clover



  1. I love your blocks here. Brenda is so lovely I bet that class was just wonderful. Everything is all just a matter of practice and patience...luckily quilting is addictive!

  2. Lovely blocks! Nice to see your DJ coming along!

  3. Very cute blocks. I've never attempted hand applique and think you are doing wonderful work. Please continue to post photos of your project; it will be nice to see the rest of your blocks.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

    1. Thanks. I did the one by hand but most of them will done by machine this time.