Monday, September 29, 2014

A-6 Uncle Homer

The first block in this quilt is one of the simplest. That is why we begin here. I did not take too many pictures as I was working on this. This is not meant to be a detailed tutorial but a block by block progress for my students. I am doing 10 blocks per month grouped by techniques.

Measure each of the pieces from the picture in the Dear Jane book.
Make sure to add 1/4 inch all around for seam allowance by adding 1/2 inch to the finished size.
Lay all the pieces out in order making sure they all align evenly.
I had cut the white rectangles the wrong width the first time.

Using the flip and stitch method, I sewed the first 2 rows together and did not cut the threads connecting them.
Again, line up the pieces to make sure they are in the right place. 

Sew up the rows.

I did take time to un-stitch a bit off the seam allowances on the back and press them open to give a flatter finish.


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